Hiring a new employee is an important decision for both the company and the new employee. Financially it is a big investment and it can be costly to make a mistake. It is also a process with major consequences for the new employee. To ensure the best possible results in hiring, it is important to do a thorough and systematic process.
Our employees have long experience in the recruitment and selection of managers, specialists and staff for permanent positions. We assist the customer throughout the recruitment process from A-Z, and will do our best to ensure the best possible result. There is no guarantee of avoiding mistakes, but the use of good methods will increase accuracy.
A recruitment process goes over several phases, and good recruitment requires that all phases are performed in a competent manner.

Job description

The basis for making a successful recruitment starts with a thorough job analysis with subsequent job description and requirements description. It is a prerequisite for the further process that we know what we are looking for.

Search of candidates

In searching for relevant candidates, various channels are used, such as our own CV database, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and other selected media channels. Together with the customer, we create a recruitment plan for how to best reach the relevant applicants.


In the selection process, we use methods that through research and experience have proven to best predict the candidate’s job performance. Through the various methods, the candidate’s competence, personal characteristics and motivation are mapped to best match this to the desired competence profile. We use ability and personality tests, structured interview, reference interview and case studies.

We use the recognized and DNV-certified test battery for Cut-e.

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