Career accelerator

There are many reasons to want more in the working life; it can be involuntary in terms of staffing, it can be the search for a job that makes more sense, that one feels locked in without satisfactory tasks and development, one will find a job that is more in line with education, desire for greater professional challenges, needs to change profession etc.

Career Accelerator is our offering to individuals who want assistance to advance in their careers. We give you the insights you need to take control of your own career, become a more attractive employee and get the next job. Contact us for more information about our current offer for individuals.

Staffing and career change

Madsen and Brekke offer companies and employees support in connection with downsizing processes. We are an active partner who contributes to the most important thing for the individual, namely finding a new meaningful and evolving job.

The program includes, among other things, a survey interview to expand the scope for the individual, quality assurance of CV / job applications, personality tests, interview training, job search courses, networking and close follow-up. The program can be customized to your needs and wishes.

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